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Medical Administration and Record Keeping Just Got Easier

Ensure the health and well-being of every animal with our easy-to-use medical record system, designed to keep staff and volunteers informed and organized.


Detailed Medical Histories

Track surgeries, medications, and critical info

Document and access each animal's complete medical history including past surgeries, current medications, and important health notes like FIV+ status.

Access key medical updates at a glance

Log in to your dashboard for an instant summary of medical history, upcoming medications, and health needs to help you stay organized and responsive to every animal's care requirements.


Daily Automated Medication Checklist


Stay on top of every medication schedule

View a real-time summary of all animals due for medication at any moment, showing the animal name, medication, dosage, and administration time. Actions can be marked complete by staff, volunteers, and fosters to ensure no doses are missed and your animals remain healthy.

Transparent Health Information for Future Adopters

Provide adopters with essential medical records

Easily transfer all pertinent medical records to new adopters, giving them the information they need to continue caring for their new pet's health.


designed by rescuers, for rescuers

We're in this with you, every step of the way.

With One Click Rescue you're not a customer, you're a fellow member of the rescue community that we strive to empower. Experience the difference our tools can make. Start improving efficiency and enhancing care for every animal now.

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