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Create and Process Documents and Forms in One Click

Streamline your rescue operations with  tailored adoption applications, contracts, and contact forms built by your team and filled out online by potential adopters, fosters, and volunteers.


Streamlined Adoption and Foster Applications


Build and access applications with ease

Simplify the process of adoption and fostering with customizable online applications. Build, edit, and manage all your forms directly from your dashboard, reducing paperwork and ensuring you get all the necessary details upfront.

  Equipped with tools to save you time

Receive submissions from qualified applicants only by setting parameters on location, age, etc.

Personalized Contracts for Every Adoption

Create, customize, and send contracts online effortlessly

Finalize adoptions smoothly with personalized contracts tailored to your rescue’s needs. Easily create, edit, send, and receive adoption contracts online, ensuring all parties have clear and legally binding agreements.

Stay on top of it all with text alerts

Get notified right away when a contract is electronically signed so that you can take the next steps immediately to ensure your newly adopted animal is one step closer to going home.


Efficient and Customizable Contact Forms


Build, manage, and store custom contact forms online

Streamline inquiries with tailored contact forms for volunteering, animal intake, and more. Reduce incoming phone calls and emails and free up time by providing clear, accessible online forms that capture all the essential information your team needs.

Join One Click Rescue today and make every moment count for the animals in your care.

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