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Mobile Friendly Weight Management of all pets in your care

In animal rescue environments, maintaining the health and well-being of animals is paramount. Effective weight management plays a critical role in this process. Our mobile-friendly application provides a seamless solution for caregivers and volunteers. Here’s why it’s essential:


Key Benefits

Key Benefits

Ease of Use

Our Intuitive Interface is designed for all skill levels, from seasoned professionals to new volunteers.

Quick Data Entry:
Streamlined forms reduce time spent on data entry, allowing more focus on animal care.

Comprehensive Tracking
you will have access to all historical data, and can monitor trends and changes in weight over time for each animal.

Alerts and Notifications:
you recieve automated reminders for regular weigh-ins and alerts for significant weight changes.

Enhanced Health Management

Accurate weight data helps in planning and adjusting diets to meet the specific needs of each animal.
a record of all weights are synced withthe general  medical history to provide a holistic view of an animal’s health.

Efficiency and Productivity

Reduce administrative burden with easy data entry and quick access to information.
Improved Coordination will facilitate better communication among staff and volunteers through shared, updated records.

Data-Driven Decisions

With real time analytics you can  generate reports and insights to inform care strategies and resource allocation.
Set and track weight management goals, enhancing the overall care quality.

By leveraging our user-friendly, mobile-accessible weight management application, animal rescues can ensure that they are providing the best possible care. This tool not only enhances the health and well-being of the animals but also supports the dedicated individuals working tirelessly to rescue and rehabilitate them.