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Empowering Rescue Heroes

The Only Tool You Need for Animal Welfare & Rescue

We understand the dedication and challenges of animal rescues firsthand. That's why we've developed intuitive software tailored to streamline operations, boost efficiency, and maximize adoptions for non-profit rescues. 



Optimized to help you get more animals adopted.

Tell Your Story with a Custom User-Friendly Integrated Website

Enhance your rescue's online presence for efficiency and impact, with seamless navigation between your website builder and operations via your personalized dashboard.

Simplify Operations with Easy Document Creation and Processing

Create and send custom contracts, manage approvals, store medical records, and collect fees while staying informed with text alerts when an application or contract is sent in.

Expand Reach and Stay Organized with Pet Listings and Management

Maximize the chances of finding loving forever homes for your animals with pet listings that extend to Petfinder and Adopt a Pet, and keep track of it all in our easy-to-use dashboard.

Gain Maximimal Support with Donations and Marketing

Bolster your efforts with extra funds by accepting donations during the online adoption process, and stay connected by sending automated email campaigns post-adoption.


Custom Website

Showcase your rescue online with a modern website that not only captivates hearts but also streamlines your workflow, ensuring every click brings you closer to your lifesaving goals. 

  • Custom designed to tell your rescue's unique story and provide quick access to your listings
  • Credible homebase for your organization that spans larger than social media pages alone
  • Mobile-friendly for easy viewing, acessible editing, and fast checkout
  • Powerful reporting built into dashboard to track your rescue efforts
website example
mobile app builder

Document Creation & Processing

Simplify your workflow by creating and sending contracts and applications, managing approvals, and collecting adoption fees all in one place.

  • Create as many custom online applications and contracts for each type of pet as needed
  • Set parameters like minimum age requirement to prevent unqualified submissions
  • Receive instant text alerts when a new application is submitted
  • Approve or deny applications, send contracts, and collect adoption fees in just one click

Pet Listings & Management

Create detailed listings for your available animals to display on your website, Petfinder, and Adopt a Pet, and manage the entire adoption process, all from your intuitive, mobile-friendly dashboard.

  • Comprehensive search filters for listings to ensure adopters and fosters find a perfect match
  • Detailed listings with essential information such as bonded pairs, animal location, etc.
  • Real-time public listing updates when an application is submitted or approved
  • User-friendly dashboard for staff and volunteers to keep track of the entire adoption process with records of all pets, people, forms, and more
Pet listing

Medical Record Keeping

Stay on top of every animal's specific needs and make sure their future owner is aware of their history by logging medical records and important health information.

  • Log weight to track upward trending growth since the animal was rescued
  • Add medications, dosage, frequency, and dates relevant to each animal
  • Record all vaccinations, past surgeries, and veterinarian info
  • Easy recording made accessible across all devices so you never miss a thing

Donation Collection & Marketing Tools

Unlock new avenues of support and raise more funds for your rescue by collecting donations during online adoptions and keeping your audience connected with automated email campaigns.

  • Ability for adopters to make a donation while paying the online adoption fee
  • Custom monetary donation tiers set by your rescue
  • Storage for mailing list contacts to share news of new animals, updates, and events
  • User-friendly email campign builder to create, schedule, and automate communications
donation tool

Built by passionate rescuers for rescuers

We empower organizations to focus on what matters most.

We’ve taken our years of rescue experience and created a platform that has all the tools we’ve ever needed all in one easy-to-use place. Now, we want to share it with you so that you can spend less time behind the desk and more time finding homes for your animals.

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